The company


ENCODIT is a French firm of chartered accountants of international scope, registered with the Ordre des Experts Comptables de Paris-Ile de France (the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Paris-Ile de France). We have built a strong record in consulting, contractual audit and accounting expertise since April 2005.

We work with French and foreign companies, creating customised solutions to implement their development projects.

The Group also incorporates an HR consultancy, ENCOHR, and a specialised legal and financial translation agency, ENCOTEXT.

Christophe Varin, a chartered accountant, has many years of experience in large audit and accountancy firms. His particular specialism lies in supporting foreign companies in France.

Agnés Feige has a Masters in European and International Employment Law. She has significant experience as head of human resources for a Scandinavian airline and in the luxury industry.

We build very strong working relations with our clients, based on shared professional and personal values. We believe this to be the best foundation for effective collaboration and over the last 7 years, mutual trust has been the hallmark of our dealings with our clients.

Our professional values

  • Eager to develop and adapt to meet our clients’ needs, and enthusiastic about performance, quality of work, independence and technical skills.
  • Generalists in finance surrounded by employment, legal and tax specialists.

Our personal values

  • Approachability
  • Listening
  • Motivated staff teams
  • Adaptability
  • Efficiency

ENCODIT has instituted the methodology used by large audit and accountancy firms.

Specialised and standard toolboxes and worksheets are used within an internal control system for cost optimisation and time management.

We have also created a structure that enables us to guarantee traceability of the information and work confided to us.

Chartered accountants have an obligation to respect the profession’s rigorous code of ethics.

ENCODIT’s independence enables it to conduct its work with integrity and objectivity.

We act within the law and our professional code of ethics which require absolute professional secrecy.

This obligation guarantees total confidentiality for our clients.

We carry out missions entrusted to us totally independently and we do not conduct any other activity that would be incompatible with the dignity and independence of our office.

We place paramount importance on the quality and independence of our expertise.

Because we share these values with you, we are ideally positioned to respond to your needs.